UTEG - University of Guayaquil

The Universidad Tecnológica Empresarial de Guayaquil is dedicated to providing an education of excellence, promoting formative-applied research, and the development of leaders in different disciplines. The research is based on the problematic structures facing the country and the business world, the UTEG offers a unique experience through our lines of research.

Site internet : www.uteg.edu.ec

Contact : Sandra García
Mail : relacionesinternacionales@uteg.edu.ec
Tél. : + 593 4 6052450

Since the beginning, the UTEG has demonstrated its commitment to training highly qualified professionals for the challenges of the business world. The University has face-to-face and online, undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and all students can access international agreements to have a global education.

Our campus located in Guayaquil-Ecuador, offers undergraduate careers in: Business Administration, Finance, Accounting and Auditing, Foreign Trade, Economy, Communication, Logistics and Transportation, among others. Finally, it offers postgraduate careers as Master in: Research, Tourism, Marketing, Information Systems, Family businesses, Human Talent, among other careers that seek to encourage the professional development of students.